• Have you looked in the mirror and wished for larger or more shapely breasts?
  • Breast augmentation can give you the natural appearing and enhanced shape you desire.
  • If you are looking for augmentation, implants or lifts, come see our board certified surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With a wide variety of options for augmentation, our certified staff provides a multitude of options and consultations that go over the best options for each individual. Our office offers Silicone gel breast implants, saline implants and the new anatomical implants. Each type of different implant comes in a variety of sizes and profiles. Breast implants may be placed through incisions in the infra-mammary area, around the nipples or through the underarms. The breast implant pockets can be made under the chest muscles or on top of the chest muscles. Each of the options has pros and cons and we will be happy to discuss each procedure with you to see which one is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

Breast lifts and augmentation can be done in the same procedure or performed separately. Combining the breast lift with augmentation can be less expensive and give you a faster recovery time than doing them separately. Many women who have had children or sagging breasts consider having plastic surgery in order to enhance their appearance and self confidence and affordability is often a major contributing factor to their decision. Our Salt Lake City office is happy to offer a consultation that discusses each option and what it can do for our clients of Utah and Colorado.

Breast implants and augmentation are not likely to last your lifetime. Revisions and replacements are necessary. At our office, it is our goal is to help the residents of Utah and Colorado make the right decisions so that you can enjoy your new look for many years with minimal complications.

  • Breast augmentation, implants, or a lift can give you the enhanced feminine look you want!
  • Look into the mirror and be excited at what you see in the reflection. 
  • Dr. Motoki, our board certified surgeon, specializes in breast augmentation, breast implants, and breast lift surgery.
  • Breast surgery will enhance the female figure and giving women the pride and self confidence that accompanies a younger, healthier body image.

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