Women who have had breast augmentation with implants often require later additional surgery. The implants are not permanent devices and can wear out and leak or be damaged in some type of accident. A leaking or damaged implant needs to be replaced to maintain the results of the original breast augmentation.

Some women develop heavy scar tissue around their breast implants that can make one or both breasts feel too firm. This condition is known as capsular contracture. In severe cases the breast implant shape can change producing an unnatural appearance. Complete removal of the scar tissue around the breast implant is the best treatment. The involved breast implant needs to be replaced as well.

Over time the breast implants may move lower or more to the side on the chest. Modification of the breast implant pockets is required to re-position the implants. In some cases where the woman's own tissues are not strong enough to maintain implant position a synthetic or acellular dermal sling is used to provide support for the breast implants.

Aging, pregnancy and weight changes can cause the breast tissues to descend and appear saggy even with previous breast implants or breast lift surgery. This is known as breast ptosis. Some type of breast lift procedure or revision may be necessary depending on the severity of the breast ptosis.

Breast revision procedures are often more complex than the original breast surgery. Dr. Motoki has many years of experience in cosmetic breast revision surgery and can tailor your treatment plan so you can step out with confidence!

If you are concerned about your breasts after previous breast surgery then contact Dr. Motoki for a complimentary consultation.