• Do you look like you are half asleep?  Those tired, aging eyelids could use a lift!
  • An upper eyelid lift or surgery could be your solution. Our board certified surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah can help!

A blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery addresses the elements that cause the saggy eyelid appearance. If you have true skin and fat excess, then removal should be performed. In some cases the skin and fat have shifted in position and need to be re-positioned rather than removed, or a combination of procedures may be required to create an uplifted and more youthful looking appearance.  A consultation with Dr. Motoki, a board certified surgeon skilled in upper eyelid lift surgery, can help determine which procedure is best for your particular situation.  Incisions for upper eyelid surgery are disguised by the natural creases in the upper eyelids, leaving them unnoticeable.  

Your baggy upper lids may be due to sagging (ptosis) of the brow and forehead that makes the upper eyelids appear heavy and aged. You may need a brow-forehead lift surgery if there is brow ptosis. 

Treating the upper lids alone in the presence of brow and forehead ptosis produces an unnatural result, so it may be recommended that an eyelid lift as well as a brow-forehead lift surgery be done in combination to produce more natural looking results.  Our board certified plastic surgeon in our Salt Lake City, Utah location can help assess your needs.

The lower eyelids may appear puffy due to migration of fat from the normal youthful position. The fat can be re-positioned in eyelid surgery to rejuvenate your lower lids as well. In lower eyelid surgery excess skin, muscle and fat may be removed, or fat may be redistributed to eliminate puffiness or bulges. Other adjustments to correct specific problems such as muscle laxity may be performed. As in upper lid surgery, placement of the incision in natural crease lines or inside the eyelid allows for the scar to usually heal in an inconspicuous fashion. A laser may sometimes be used in conjunction with this method to tighten the lower eyelid skin.

  • You can look younger and more energetic!

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