• Are those facial wrinkles and facial blemishes becoming harder to hide with make-up?
  • Facial laser resurfacing could be just what you need! 

Laser resurfacing eliminates (ablates) the most superficial (epidermal) layer of skin to a variable degree and delivers a thermal effect into the deeper (dermal) skin layer to rejuvenate and remodel the collagen. The laser can be adjusted to minimize epidermal ablation and shorten your down time or can be aggressively tuned for a more dramatic effect on the epidermis and dermis. 

Recovery time is variable depending on how aggressive you want to be. Collagen remodeling can take months before the final result is seen.

We partner with our Clarity Skin aestheticians and nurses to offer a comprehensive skin care plan tailored specially for you.

  • Do you want beautiful skin with less make-up?

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